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Definitely is a lot you can’t say about abortion, because the topic is too political. I don’t know that the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” aren’t part of the problem when it comes to getting good information. Nonetheless, those are the labels we got for the political side of the debate. The thing is that I […]


Your summer reading list

Want to know what Canadian pro-life leaders think you should be reading? The National Campus Life Network just provided you with that list here. It’s a wide ranging list with something for everyone and I’m looking forward to working through the recommendations over the next year. Enjoy!  


Youtube censorship

Do you think this video should be censored? Just became aware that it had been. The creator of the video is suing. Movie to Movement exists to discover, create, and promote works of art that highlight the dignity and sanctity of human life—and do so beautifully. We were thrilled to learn of “What Was Your Name”, a […]


So long as you’re not doing wrong things

This is “Canada without abortion, by choice.” So there’s some libertarian in me. You can not care for laws on abortion and still be profoundly against abortion, campaigning against it in the culture and with your friends. This libertarian moment comes courtesy of a different story. Don’t bother clicking on the link unless you feel […]


What is abortion if not a conscience issue?

War, death penalty, assisted suicide, abortion–these are all what one calls conscience issues. Apparently, Prime Minister Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Members of Parliament being allowed to vote their conscience. Pursuant to Order made Tuesday, June 16, 2015, the House proceeded to the taking of the deferred recorded division on […]


Couldn’t say it better myself

On aborting babies who may have Downs Syndrome: If we allow our governments to set up health programs that result in the systematic elimination of a group of people quite happy being themselves, under the false pretense of women’s rights, than that is a personal choice — one we have to face honestly. I’d add […]


Think assisted suicide won’t be abused?

Think that abuse of the elderly won’t happen if assisted suicide or euthanasia are legalized? Think again.  Even with laws that prohibit doctor assisted death in most countries of the world, abuse of the elderly is a significant problem The study titled Elder Abuse: Systematic Review and Implications for Practice was published in the Journal […]


Liberal: My mom’s conservatism saved my life

The abortion debate really need not be a battle between the right and the left. The lot of us agree on human rights, and a segment of the population believes human rights should begin when human life begins. Polls show that most Canadians, both those who situate themselves on the right and the left, want […]


On changing minds

Changing someone’s mind on abortion is hard. There are parallels to the level of emotion in the vaccine debate. I received this article about a mom who changed her mind about vaccines and I thought there are some takeaways here for the business of discussing abortion. My personal takeaways in talking with folks? 1) Avoid sarcasm. […]


Pro-life physicians: Your courage emboldens us

I haven’t blogged much lately. My mat leave ended in March, I started a new job as Executive Director of Canadian Physicians for Life on March 30th, and I’ve been trying to get used to my new life circumstances. I’m working from home, which permits me to be around my son all day long. I […]


Ryerson pro-life students prepare lawsuit against student union

The following is a press release I got from NCLN, re-printed in full. Consider supporting their case if you can. _____ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RYERSON PRO-LIFE STUDENTS PREPARE LAWSUIT AGAINST STUDENT UNION JUNE 9, 2015. TORONTO, ON—On February 23rd, the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) Board of Directors unanimously voted that Students for Life at Ryerson […]


Children–or the lack thereof

I am 39 and I have no children. I have never been asked why. I have never been asked whether I want children. I have frankly never been engaged in any discussion of my childless state unless it is with close friends. That’s why this article is surprising to me. Magenta Baribeau, childless by choice, […]

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