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Faye Sonier

College of Physicians, please stand up for religious minorities

*Dr. Gabel is Member of Council and Past President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He is the chair of the College’s policy working group which issued the draft “Professional Obligations and Human Rights” policy. Dear Dr. Marc Gabel, I just read this article which was published in the Catholic  Register. You […]

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Two abortions and no kids when you are “ready”

I actually worry about this kind of woman. I called my male therapist a chauvinist pig when he labeled my childlessness “a biological tragedy.” What seemed tragic was that it took me until my 40s to feel together enough to bear a child. By then it was too late. I feared God was saying: “I […]

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Lejeune Exhibit January 29-31, University of Ottawa

From a friend. An exhibit well worth attending! You are invited to attend an exhibit about a remarkable French scientist, Jérome Lejeune, “a father of modern genetics” who in the 1960’s discovered the trisomy 21chromosome, the cause of Down syndrome. The exhibit will tell the story of the technical challenges of making the discovery in […]

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“Welcome to the world” coin

A friend sent me this link to a “welcome to the world” coin, new from the Canadian Mint, and pointed out it looks a lot like the little feet lapel pin many people who are against abortion wear.  This is not, of course, what the Canadian Mint intends. I take it as a sign of how […]


The story’s end changes the meaning of every page

“God has the final say in my life, not cancer.” These are the words of a woman, a mother for four young children, who has a terminal diagnosis. This is probably the most profound, most brilliant video I have ever seen on the topic of dying, and dying with dignity – true dignity. She gets […]


RU486 defies the “no debate” rule on abortion

Mike Schouten’s article in the National Post yesterday draws attention to the fact that we will likely be expanding abortion services across Canada, but without any democratic process. Of course there is the argument that the RU486 is a nightmarish experience for women – an hours long drama of contractions ending with the expulsion of […]


Prenatal genetic testing tells us nothing

Amy Julia Becker makes a great point about finding out that her child had Down syndrome. There is some false, yet underlying assumption that pregnant women have to go through genetic testing to know if their child has the disability. But more importantly, that tiny bit of medical information, in essence tells us nothing.  Not […]


Tales of USAID and the sterilization horrors of India

I had written previously about the deaths of several women in Indian sterilization camps. This article explains to a greater extent the horrors that take place in these filthy centers, the lies that women are told and the tragic deaths and bodily harm that befalls them. Totally outrageous in all of this human misery is […]


Parenting–keeping it real

This is not your standard Today’s Parent piece. It includes an F bomb or two and talks about what people won’t tell you about the first year of parenting. But I liked it. Because at the end he talks about unconditional love and learning what it really means: Having a kid is different. That’s love, full […]


Assisted suicide and the loss of conscience rights

Albertos Polizogopoulos on what we can expect if the Supreme Court of Canada decriminalizes assisted suicide: In October, the Supreme Court of Canada heard the Carter case, where parties are challenging Criminal Code prohibitions on physician assisted suicide in the hopes of decriminalizing it. If they’re successful, it will impact more than just physicians. [...] […]

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Great little video about the link between porn and human trafficking. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video The authors make the point that you can’t simultaneously fight human trafficking and look at porn without being a hypocrite. My best guess is the most people know this, and watching porn […]

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The Drop Box

This is a GREAT movie. I’ve seen it and I recommend it unreservedly. A tale of love. Of compassion. Of what one person can achieve. In select theatres March 4 and 5–sign up for updates and then go see it!    

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