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“Euthanasia’s damage to the human soul”

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 15, Canada’s Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether the criminalization of euthanasia is constitutional. The results won’t be known for several months. It’s good to remember the many reasons why euthanasia should never be sanctioned. Here, National Post columnist Barbara Kay explains one of them: The essay goes on to describe each step […]

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Left, right and the path toward death

Over three decades ago in Ottawa, there was a municipal government push toward accessibility for the disabled. Sidewalks were lowered at intersections to accommodate wheelchairs, elevators were mandated in all public buildings as were ramps. This approach to life came with onerous expenses in some cases, but no matter: Compassion is costly. These were all […]

National Conference 2014

Register for the National 2014 Pro-Life Conference now!

When you attend this year’s National Pro Life Conference, you will be inspired, engaged and educated through keynote and breakout sessions. The Conference runs Thursday, October 23rd – Saturday, October 25th in Vancouver, BC at the gorgeous Richmond Delta Hotel. Our phenomenal lineup of speakers include Destiny Herdon-De La Rose and Jason Jones with entertainment […]

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Euthanasia may be coming to a hospital near you

The frightening prospect of legalized euthanasia seems to be coming at Canadians like a tidal wave. It has already happened in Quebec this summer when euthanasia was legalized thanks to the efforts of Ms. Hivon. “The approach we took was one of health care. We should not leave anybody suffering at any stage, so why […]


My daughter is a stripper for Third Wave Feminism

I came across Brain, Child Magazine this summer. Someone sent me a link to an adoption article they published, and I was hooked. The article was a quality piece and I was challenged by what I read. Today I received my first email newsletter and it included a link to this article. I think it’s […]


About that egg freezing “perk”

Oh Satire. How I love Thee. Courtesy of The Onion, a biting look at the ridiculousness of egg freezing as a supposed perk: As part of their efforts to accommodate women who wish to delay parenthood, Facebook officials announced Wednesday that the company will offer financial assistance for female employees to freeze their newborn children.

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Egg freezing: New employee perk

I’ve now received this news item three times. This is a subtle cue for me to do a post. The undertone from those sending the item, of course, is that this is strange and/or upsetting.  And it is. Two major companies, Apple and Facebook, are offering egg freezing as a perk for their female employees. […]

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The Fathead Minnow on the Pill

We study the effect of estrogen on the fish populations. I have no problem with that. We are then allowed to say if and when there are problems. Likewise, no problem with that. However, if anyone should assert that the effects of daily synthetic hormones on living, breathing women are problematic, it shall be denounced […]

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BBC and the flag display

This is old news by now. That said, I love photography. So the 100,000 blue and pink flags (one for every life lost to abortion annually in Canada) making the BBC best photos of the day is a good thing to link to.


When you hear about International Day of the Girl…

…make sure you speak up in favour of a girl’s right to life. Across the globe, girls are being killed off at an alarming rate, only because they are girls. This includes infanticide but also abortion. Because this includes abortion, we tend to hear not-so-much about it. Getting more politically incorrect, we then don’t hear about […]


“The Joy of Sex” for teenagers

It is not likely that I’m going to check this book out of my local library: Her new book, Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide, has just come out in the UK and there is quite a buzz about it – it is The Joy of Sex for the young generation. Only it is much […]

The new and improving PWPL

You may have noticed we have a new look going on at ProWomanProLife. We hope some problems have been corrected, but it’s also possible that new ones have been created. Please let us know in comments or via email when you experience those. And please like us on our new Facebook page, too! Thanks!

Coren and Albrecht on the 100,000 pro-life flags

Pro-life member of Parliament Harold Albrecht appeared on Michael Coren’s show last night to discuss the 100,000 flags that We Need a Law placed on Parliament Hill yesterday. It’s a good interview. He also discusses conscience rights of pro-life MPs within his own party, and other parties in the House.

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