Interesting world we’re raising our kids in

This post is interesting. I’m certainly open to the idea that we can’t extrapolate our findings about insects too broadly to humans, and there is increasing evidence that girls can be just as promiscuous as boys, given the right social prompts.

What’s really mind-blowing, though, is the comments section, and the near-unanimous consensus that the rubes reporting 4 (for women) and 7 (for men) lifetime sexual partners must be either lying or hopeless prudes, because all the hipsters joining the discussion seem to have hit the double digits while still in high school.

Some sample comments (from the “clean” ones):
“I think they meant to say “Memorial Day weekend” instead of “lifetime”. Typo! ”
“LOL. I always wonder about me and my friends when I read those studies because I don’t know a single person – male or female – who have had fewer than 10 sexual partners. Most of my friends have 20+ sexual partners and we’re in our 20s so either we’re an extremely promiscuous bunch who is having sex for the rest of the country or the subjects of these studies are lying.”
“In NZ, the average age for girls is 15, and boys is 17, I believe. Also, I have heard of another study, that claims average no of partners for men is 8, and for women is 20. I’m going with culture, FTW!”
“an average of four in their lifetime? i had four this MONTH! aaugh! ”

Does anybody know – are the Amish accepting converts?


Andrea adds: Actually, Rebecca, some of the Hawaiian Islands are uninhabited. No need to convert, and you could still use electricity and other modern amenities.

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