Well. That’s a fine sense of ‘humour’

Our old buddy Antonia Z. is in well-deserved trouble. Here is what she wrote on her Twitter account, about Michelle Malkin.

Actually, I don’t believe she’ll really get in trouble. Why, when you attack a right-wing conservative kind of person, you can say any darn thing you like. It’s all fair.

I’m a pretty extreme free-speecher myself. I believe you should be free to say any stupid thing you like, with two reasonably narrow exceptions: Libel and incitement to violence. “Joking” that marksmen ought to “take” an identifiable person, no matter how much you hate that identifiable person’s guts, is far beyond the pale.

Michelle has the contact information here should you wish to voice your objections to the Toronto Star, for which Antonia Z. writes. Please remember to “exhibit the politeness and civility that Zerbisias lacks.”


Andrea adds: My knickers remain unknotted here. Because Michelle Malkin is wrong on one important thing–she calls Zerbisias mainstream. I’ll grant she works for a mainstream paper. But if we recall the Canadian Blog Awards, Zerbisias won in the “professional pundit” category, where we won in the “best new blog” category. But I remember looking at the number of votes (wish now that I took screen shots, alas) and she got substantially fewer votes than ProWomanProLife.

If I’m correct on the voting thing, it’s a fairly astounding feat to have the platform of the country’s most highly circulated newspaper and still get fewer votes than a niche, upstart blog centred around an issue that arguably no one wants to talk about. I felt bad, actually. As here: I do think Zerbisias was trying to be funny, and possibly more at Cheney’s expense than Malkin’s. But my point is this: Mainstream is not a word I’d use to describe Antonia.

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