And now for some useful information

Apparently, there is a science to choosing the fastest checkout lane at the grocery store. I’m going to be trying this one.

Each person in a grocery store checkout lane approximates 48 seconds in addition to whatever is in his/her cart (this average time includes exchanged greetings and the payment process). Each item in a cart is only 2.8 seconds. Therefore, 17 items in someone’s cart is the same as an extra person. So, it is usually better to hop in line behind the one woman with 30 items (132 seconds) instead of the three-person Express Lane (which will be between 153 and 270 seconds).

This assumes clerks are similarly fast (not a rule where I shop). Also, it doesn’t say anything about those U-Scan self-checkout machines. I’d love to know how to spot the clueless before I stupidly park my cart behind them.

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