A Canadian study on abortion risks

Abortions pose a risk for future babies. This is one of the risks of abortion that is unknown and (I think) uncontested.  

As an aside, from what I can tell, this Canadian study is not in the Canadian press. Is it just me, or do we get study after study after study on issues small and large–in particular when the researchers are Canadian? Just not when the A word comes into play.

Just because abortion is also a moral issue and sometimes a political issue don’t mean it isn’t also a medical one. Buck up medical reporters! Take a deep breath and at least ask some questions about stuff like this.


Andrea adds this link, which says the study is “thorough and well-conducted” and “supported by a body of research.” This from a thoroughly pro-abortion source: see the part about how “[t]he most important message is not that this should be used in any way to prevent women having a termination of pregnancy…” OK, we get it. No women should EVER be denied access. But a refusal to report these sorts of findings amounts to denying women legitimate information.

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