When abortion endangers your health

Some scary stats on abortion worldwide.

NEW YORK – While contraceptive use is increasing worldwide, helping fuel a drop in the number of abortions, unintended pregnancies and deaths from unsafe abortion remain rampant in many developing nations, a research institute reported Tuesday in a major global survey.

Sub-Saharan Africa was singled out as the region with by far the lowest rates of contraceptive use and the highest rates of unsafe abortions and unintended pregnancies.


In one example, the report told of a Nigerian woman named Victoria who first tried to induce an abortion by drinking an herbal concoction, then consulted a traditional healer who inserted leaves in her vagina that caused internal injuries.

This makes me so sad. I’m sure there are many reasons why so many women in developing countries would seek an abortion, regardless of how unsafe it is, and that the problem there is overwhelmingly complex. I, for one, am overwhelmed.


Andrea adds: I agree with Melissa in the comments–this is the Guttmacher after all–and they don’t know a legal abortion they didn’t love, and an illegal one they didn’t want to legalize. The reality is that legalizing abortion the globe over is their goal and so I for one, will take this report with a more than a grain of salt. More like a salt mine. (And to tangentially inform our readers, and clutter this site with useless information, I have visited one, in Poland. Amazing.)

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