When evil lurks around the corner

I live in Ottawa. It’s a nice, quiet place. With pretty parks and trees and moms pushing strollers. Dogs, too. Lots of dogs in Ottawa. Nice dogs; friendly and well-behaved. It’s a nice place. Except for this:

More than 400 unique Ottawa-based IP addresses were offering child pornography images over file sharing programs in the last month, Toronto police Det. Const. Christopher Purchas told an Ottawa court Tuesday.

He was speaking during the sentencing hearing for Stéphane Durocher, an Ottawa-area man who pleaded guilty in June to two counts of possessing child pornography.

The testimony has provided a rare snapshot of Ottawa’s Internet child pornography community.

Purchas first showed the court a large Google Earth map of Canada covered in red dots, each representing “hubs” of hundreds of IP addresses identified as being available to share child pornography online.

He testified that 405 IP addresses in Ottawa alone had made child pornography available in the past 30 days.

At least 10 of those addresses had gone online more than 28 times, Purchas said, or an average of nearly once per day.

The busiest IP address had gone online 193 times in the past month, he said.

Maybe I’m hopelessly naive, but I had no idea there could be so many right here in this nice, quiet town.

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