Now that’s a very good question

Apparently Prime Minister Harper is concerned about reducing maternal mortality. Good. Why is he partnering with a pro-abortion group to achieve this goal?

Kitts says that 30% of maternal deaths can be avoided and infant mortality can be reduced by 20% with proper family planning. Now I quickly understood how family planning could reduce maternal death but when I asked her to explain how family planning could help children live past their 5th birthday, Ms. Kitts became nervous and asked me to turn off my recorder. I asked her the question again and she told me she would have to do the interview later. The coin eventually dropped, the people at ACPD plan to reduce infant mortality by reducing the number of infants born. A major part of family planning for ACPD is abortion.

Now it really doesn’t matter which side of the abortion issue you fall on, when you hear that a government wants to reduce infant mortality, funding abortions in developing countries is likely not what comes to mind. When the Prime Minister says it is troubling that 9 million children die before their 5th birthday, most Canadians don’t think aborting children in developing countries so that they never have a birthday is the solution.

The ACPD–Action Canada for Population Development stems from a population control group that rebranded when that went out of style (I researched this once years ago, and will return to it now. I add that caveat because I’m 90 per cent sure the ACPD is actually hostile to life, but I leave the leeway to return to this in another post when I get a spare second).

From their current web site, we learn they advocate for “sexual rights” internationally, partnering with a Polish group (among others), the Federation for Women and Family Planning. Now Poland has achieved very low maternal mortality, lower than the United States, for example. But the ACPD still needs to partner with them–why? Because abortion is illegal in Poland.

This is inside baseball. But I know this and the Harper government should too. Reducing maternal mortality is laudable. Doing it by providing abortions is not.


Andrea updates: It’s not clear that there’s a partnership with anyone yet. So another good question is who do you want to do this work? We know who we don’t want, but who should be helping? If you have suggestions, then send them my way. Thanks.

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