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In today’s Globe and Mail, the question of how Canada does maternal health continues. I’m not only concerned if the government is working with abortion-rights groups like Action Canada for Population and Development, but also be concerned if aid agencies are:

Mr. Morley said his organization and four others – Care Canada, UNICEF Canada, World Vision Canada and Plan International – realized when they met last February that they were all thinking the same way and decided to work together to get the government onside. Along with two Canadian aid agencies – Results Canada and Action Canada for Population and Development – that joined the cause in recent months, they were delighted when it was announced on Monday that Mr. Harper would take the opportunity of the June gathering to press the issue.

Since I have been a supporter of World Vision for some years now, I just placed a polite call, followed up with an email, to ask this:

I’d appreciate it very much if you could get back to me on whether or not World Vision is happy to partner with the ACPD. The ACPD is an abortion-rights group, and this is in my view, violently opposed to maternal health. It is my hope that you can clarify this situation for me and confirm that World Vision would not now, and has not in the past, worked with ACPD.

Feel free to do the same. My continued support of World Vision definitely hinges on the answer here.

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