Feb 16 2010

The sixth invisible team member

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Hats off to this Olympian who is able to curl while pregnant. Hats off also to the reporter who correctly identifies that there are six people in the picture here:

As with all curling teams, Team Canada features five members. Well, six, if you really want to get technical with it. Alternate Kristie Moore, 30, is 5½ months pregnant, making her just the second athlete ever known to be with child during Olympic competition. Ninety years ago, Swedish figure skater Magda Julin won a gold medal at the Antwerp Games while in her first trimester.

Funny how we so easily get it right with wanted pregnancies.


Update: Check Feministing for a comment on this very news item about the pregnant curler. Then read the comments. Mostly people thought the initial post was out of line. But there’s also this:

If the mother wishes to keep the kid, then I have no issue if she refers to it as it’s own entity already. My mother does/did similar to me “Oh, you *have* gone to Disney World and Mardis Gras, you just couldn’t see it.”

Please note that “what the mother feels” is the basis for the pro-abortion movement. Not science. Not logic. Feelings. Which, if you are me, change drastically from day to day, even hour to hour. There is a reality behind the feelings, one that some feminists are apparently completely unwilling to see. (h/t)

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