But what about the remaining seven cents?

Another good article about the purported gender gap:

Take the gender wage gap. To arrive at 70.5 cents, the report compares full-time annual wages between men and women. What it doesn’t mention is that men work more hours in a year than women do. Once you adjust for that, the gap narrows to 84 cents. And when you adjust for work experience and women’s preference for jobs in the public sector and social services, the gap shrinks to 93 cents.

So my question about the remaining seven cents is only partially tongue in cheek. Does that spell discrimination? Or do women lowball their salary requirements? Just a question. (I once lowballed my salary expectations so significantly that within three months of starting I had asked for–and received–a ten per cent correction.)

I just don’t see sexism in Canada as par for the course. I do agree that the national discussion needs to shift:

The plight (and rights) of aboriginal women is a serious matter. The growing marriage gap between highly educated and less-educated women – and the hugely unequal life impact this has on their children – is another.

And of course, there’s that little question of women’s rights and abortion and the manner in which that is misrepresented in the public square…But I’m on that one.

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