That’s not fair!

One of the earliest things I remember learning from my very good parents is that life isn’t fair and I should get used to that.

Having learned the lesson well, I’d still like to remind my parents of the dog we never got and give them advance notice that I’ll be getting in touch with Ontario’s Fairness Commissioner, Jean Augustine, some time soon.

I didn’t know about the Fairness Commissioner, but an add for “Women of Influence” in Macleans caught my eye. There it says that Ms. Augustine has a veritable Passion for Fairness.

So I’m confident she will be interested in my story: How badly I wanted a dog, and how we never got one. No we didn’t. It’s still hard for me, as I consider the diary entries written about the dog we didn’t have, the plaintive pleas. The friends who had dogs. You get the picture.

My second thought was: This is totalitarian territory. A Fairness Commission? Really? For what? Accountable to who?

Anyway, Mom and Dad, when the Fairness Commissioner contacts you about this, and you are annoyed, may I take this opportunity to say it’s really never too late to get a Labrador. Or a Newfoundlander. Or a German Shephard. A Spaniel? Really, I was so willing to compromise…It’s just too bad it had to come to this.


Brigitte is thoroughly devastated: Good grief, I gotta go get me some violins…

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