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From Ottawa Students for Life:

Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party are scheming to force the Conservative Government to promote abortion as part of Canada’s push to fight maternal and infant mortality at the G8. The G8 is an annual summit for the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada as well as the European Union (I know that makes 9). Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently announced:

“As president of the G8 in 2010, Canada will champion a major initiative to improve the health of women and children in the world’s poorest regions. Members of the G8 can make a tangible difference in maternal and child health and Canada will be making this the top priority in June. Far too many lives and unexplored futures have already been lost for want of relatively simple health-care solutions.”

But the Liberals are introducing a motion in Parliament on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 that would force the Government to include abortion and contraception in this effort to help mothers and infants among the world’s poor.

Please email your Member of Parliament, as well as other Members of Parliament, letting them know that you oppose this move by the Liberals that would take a great initiative and turn it into an opportunity to force abortion on the world’s poor. There isn’t time to mail letters via snail mail, so I suggest sending a brief email. For information on finding out who your MP is and how to contact her or him see:

We’d like to thanks 4MyCanada for informing us of this issue. You can read more about it and they’re call to action here:

Please contact all interested friends and family regarding this issue and encourage them to make their voice heard ASAP!


Andrea adds: Having seen the resolution, I take back this call to action. Here’s what the resolution says:

That, in the opinion of the House, the government’s G8 maternal and child health initiative for the world’s poorest regions must include the full range of family planning, sexual and reproductive health options, including contraception, consistent with the policy of previous Liberal and Conservative governments, and all other G8 governments last year in L’Aquila, Italy; that the approach of the Government of Canada must be based on scientific evidence, which proves that education and family planning can prevent as many as one in every three maternal deaths; and that the Canadian government should refrain from advancing the failed right-wing ideologies previously imposed by the George W. Bush administration in the United States, which made humanitarian assistance conditional upon a “global gag rule” that required all non-governmental organizations receiving federal funding to refrain from promoting medically-sound family planning.

Everything I stand for is based on sound medical science. I stand for the full range of family planning, which does not include abortion because abortion is not family planning. Until the opposition parties replace the word “contraception” above with “abortion”–I’d say this is all a big game.


Brigitte isn’t too sure she understand this game, but would like to add anyway: I, for one, am not against family planning and contraception in principle. But here’s what I really don’t get: Whenever I’m in a debate with pro-choicers and the subject of “abortion used as birth control method” comes up, they deny it vehemently. Abortion is NOT used as a birth control method, they insist. It is NOT back-up contraception. So why am I getting the impression now that “the full range of family planning, etc” does indeed include abortion even though the word abortion does not appear anywhere in the resolution? Just exactly what kind of game is this?


Andrea adds: It’s a game to lower voter turnout.

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