Oh Ann

In a moment that can only be considered prophetic in light of what happened at Ottawa U yesterday, my talking Ann Coulter Barbie ran out of (battery) steam at a dinner party I held a couple of weeks ago. She’s a party favourite, that is until the stunned silence falls amongst less conservative friends but I still have her perched on my book shelf holding a copy of Treason. That evening she gasped her last breath after letting out a lengthy, high-pitched electronic tone.

(Right now you have questions, I know. Why do I have an Ann Coulter barbie doll, one that talks? But that’s not my point, so stick with me.)

Now save for the Barbie, I’d never heard Ann Coulter speak, before yesterday, when I caught her on Michael Coren. And then and there I realized, to my shock, I do like this woman. I have some of her books, and I think they are terrible. But in person, some of those satirical quips are very funny. They just don’t transfer to the written page very well.

Unfortunately, some Ottawa U students were unprepared to allow her to prove this point last night.

It’s sad when we are held hostage by a women’s studies fringe:

I was just worried that things were going to be said about certain groups of people that were going to make them feel very unsafe and very uncomfortable and we promise our students here at the University of Ottawa a safe, positive space,” said Rita Valeriano, a second-year sociology and women’s studies student.

…in particular since Ann is such a powerful woman. She dominated the interview with Michael Coren. And that is not an easy thing to do.

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