Back to maternal health

Back to maternal health. This citation from this article is important:

The second problem is that, while abortion on demand may be legal in Canada, it’s actually illegal in most of the countries into which aid would flow as part of this initiative. I’m surprised that this fact has garnered as little attention as it has in this debate. It’s one thing for private groups like Planned Parenthood to raise money and spend it in defiance of the laws and customs of the countries in which they are operating – it’s another thing entirely when states do. The former is a nuisance; the latter is a form of neo-colonialism that can undermine any number of bi-lateral or multi-lateral initiatives from improving trade to protecting the environment.

It goes to show you just how political the debate is. Those who advocate for abortion always add that we should be offering it where it is legal. And in most places, it isn’t. What more do we need to hear to know that we know that we know that those who think abortion ought to be included in maternal health are people who are pushing for expanded abortion access and nothing else?

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