The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform…

has a new web site. The videos (under Strategy and Training) are particularly helpful, I find. Check it out.

(Yes, this is the group that does controversial things, like the Genocide Awareness Project and showing photos of aborted fetuses. It won’t suit all of us, but that’s the point, it will suit some of us and help jar our complacent culture, which is why I support them. And actually, the videos, featuring Jojo Ruba and Stephanie Gray are just very…what’s the word I’m looking for…logical. Can’t argue with that. Well, you can, but I don’t and most pro-abortion types don’t either. I don’t argue because I agree. They don’t argue because they’re missing the intellectual capital. It might be added at this point that the whole abortion debate won’t be won on arguing anything–the debate resides almost entirely in the realm of the emotional. If it were up to facts, figures, and statistics, we’d have a pro-life culture by now. That’s why videos showing faces and people, sympathetic people, will be so important.)

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