Wait a second, but this doesn’t happen

This is the sort of abortion that doesn’t happen, we are told. Late term for lifestyle reasons. (“I couldn’t possibly have an unperfect child.”) Wonder if the Canadian taxpayer paid for it. Probably.

BALTIMORE – A New Jersey abortion doctor accused of shuttling his patients to Maryland for late-term abortions is now accused of mistreating two additional patients, including a woman from Canada who received an abortion of a nearly full-term fetus. The new accusations against Dr. Steven Brigham are contained in documents filed by the New Jersey attorney general’s office, which is seeking to have Brigham’s license suspended or revoked. Brigham has agreed to stop practicing medicine until a hearing next month.

The documents show that in early August, Brigham performed an abortion for a 35-year-old Canadian who was 33 weeks pregnant. The fetus had Down syndrome. 

The baby had Down syndrome. Summary execution for falling below our very high standards of what it means to be perfect.

(If you’re getting an angry tone from this post that’s because I am.)

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