Where abortion is definitely used as birth control

The view from Quebec. Where, apparently, misinformation guides a woman’s “right” to choose. Let’s start at the top:

For a long time, the province has been at the forefront of the freedom of choice fight. It is here that Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a Quebecker, started his lonely crusade before being vindicated by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1988.

The Supreme Court of Canada did not vindicate Morgentaler. They threw it back to Parliament, where such debates belong. We haven’t had that debate since an attempt in 1989.

If someone thinks human life starts at conception, then of course he will see abortion as murder whatever the circumstances.

Human life, according to medical textbooks across the continent does start at conception. It’s personhood that provides the debate, and that’s where pro-abortion folks hide. Sure it’s human life, but is it a person? We can’t say? It’s all so confusing (to them, not me).

On the day after the National Assembly’s motion supporting abortion rights, Prime Minister Stephen Harper let it be known that he would force his MPs to vote against any private member’s bill aimed at recriminalizing abortion in Canada. This is a sharp break with tradition – normally, MPs are not bound by party lines on matters of conscience. But this shows how far Mr. Harper is ready to go to reassure the partisans of free choice – if only because they are the majority of voters.


As the maternal health motion in Parliament showed, you can whip your MPs and still find they vote against you (see the Liberal dissent). On matters of conscience, like abortion, many MPs simply won’t follow this. As for the “majority of voters” being pro-choice, the majority of voters don’t actually know that Canada has no abortion law. Ignorance is the pro-abortion lobby’s bliss.

The foreign women to whom the Harper government is refusing to fund access to safe abortions don’t vote here, so there is no political cost in denying them a right granted to Canadian women two decades ago.

Again, abortion is not a right. I’d like to see her evidence for saying that. Because merely saying it, on repeat, doesn’t make it so!

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