Removing yourself from the gene pool

When I studied bioethics, the topic of addicted mothers — especially of the pregnant variety — was the issue  to polarize a group. Check this one out:

Project Prevention. It pays money to drug addicts so they can be sterilized. Should we be shocked? I don’t know. Call me disillusioned but we’ve been able to remove ourselves from the gene pool for quite some time now. Is getting a financial reward to do so any worse? The slope isn’t that slippery at the bottom. As far as I can read, the state is not paying people to be sterilized. Nor is the state deciding who should get paid to have it zipped.

All in all, much ado about nothing. Not to mention that sterilizing males does nothing to prevent the birth of drug-addicted babies.


Andrea adds: “The slope isn’t that slippery at the bottom,” is a good point, Véronique. While I may not be shocked, I am dismayed that rather than curtail sexual behaviour, we’d rather all run out and get ourselves sterilized. There’s something upside down about that. But then again, I’m pro-life. I think it’s upside down to consider aborting as a solution to anything at all. Very backwards, I know.

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