Not sure what Roxanne’s Law would say about this one

Roxanne’s Law is Bill C-510, a bill to ban coerced abortion. It’s named for Roxanne, who was brutally beaten and left in a snowbank to freeze to death because she wouldn’t have an abortion. But what if she had managed to protect herself and killed her attacker? Looks like that’s what happened here:

She said that morning Godwin kicked her in the stomach, grabbed her and put her in a choke hold, threw a knife at her at the bottom of the stairs, attacked her and grabbed her by the hair, trying to pull her upstairs. She said he then kicked the door closed so she couldn’t leave.

“He was coming towards me. I was scared. He was attacking me. I’ve never seen him so angry, the look in his face,” she testified, noting she then picked up the knife from the floor. “I was at the bottom of the stairs. That’s when I looked at him, saw the knife in his hand. I stabbed him and he collapsed.”

Morin claims she was acting in self-defence.

The courts will decide this particular case. But it does raise the point that attempting to coerce abortion is not as rare as one might think.

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