On the label

We try always to be fully informed, educated and aware of the decisions we make don’t we? I think for many people today, especially when it comes to what we do with and put in our bodies, we’re looking for second opinions and reading the labels. It’s important, with pharmaceutical and food processing companies pulling so many strings, that we as consumers actively seek out information.

I wouldn’t buy a box of cereal without reading the label, and I wouldn’t feed my children mystery foods. These labels are trustworthy, because they aren’t created by Nabisco or McDonald’s, they’re legislated by independent government agenices. Why? Because it wouldn’t make sense to let McDonald’s decide what did and didn’t go on the package. They would be biased, wouldn’t they? They’d want me to eat those fries without knowing how full of fat they were.

For the most part, I’d be applauded for this label reading by the rest of the world. And yet somehow, when it comes to abortion and contraception, people stop clapping when you want to read the label. I think Right to Know is working toward a noble and awareness raising cause, to provide council to women about abortion from someone other than the abortion providers themselves.

Many people assume that women considering abortion have access to independent information and advice. In fact there is no legal guarantee that they do. And where counselling is available, it is often provided by the very same private providers that carry out abortions.

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