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I have not been tracking with the Republican presidential nomination super closely, but what I see of Herman Cain, I like. When asked on Meet the Press, a popular current affairs show, whether he was a “neo-conservative” he said simply, “I’m a conservative.” (Does the general public care for such terms as “neo-conservative”? I don’t think so.) When the interviewer tried to capture him in a Sarah Palin moment (What? Feign horror. You don’t even know what a neo-conservative is?) Cain simply repeated what he had said before: I’m a conservative, I believe in limited government and lower taxes, etc. Struck me as being a down-to-earth man, one who would connect with normal folks, ie. non-politicos.

Ditto on his positioning on abortion. There have been lots of comments in both the pro-life and pro-abortion (sorry but the folks I’ve been reading are not pro-choice, they are too extreme for that) camps saying Cain is confused, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Pro-abortion folks have tried to frame him as being both pro-choice and pro-life; ergo, an idiot.

But let’s leave the pro-choice camp alone. For here, it is the pro-lifers who annoy me. They have tried to claim that he is going back on his former pro-life convictions, asking whether he is truly pro-life.

This drives me crazy. The man is saying what we all know to be true: That he as President of the United States of America cannot personally visit every woman about to enter a clinic and tell her not to. He has a role as President and he’ll use it to advance his pro-life principles within the context of what he can constitutionally do. This is a simple acknowledgement of what the office can achieve. He has said he is pro-life. He has said he won’t vote to fund abortions, or Planned Parenthood. But, he also rightfully acknowledges what is possible and what is not.

Yes, I’m feeling crabby today, so if you are catching that undertone, I’m sorry. But nothing makes me more crabby than pro-lifers who cannot see beyond the realm of the political, as if culture were non-existent and as if our politicians were demi-gods sitting in their temples. I only know a couple of pro-lifers like this, thankfully, but man oh man are they ever vocal. Worse still, they are very, very difficult to please. You can say you are pro-life, you can dedicate your life to changing the face of our soulless nation (on the issue of abortion we are lacking a soul, tis true) but unless you vote a particular way (typically for a candidate who has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected) they’ll renege on you and call you a turncoat.

The shorter purpose of this post was to say a simple thing. I like what I’ve seen of Herman Cain.

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