One woman talks birth control

You don’t have to be American to know that there is a battle over religious freedom waging south of the border, regarding whether the Pill must be funded by those who disagree with it. Loved this take on it, from a site I’ve never checked before called Ethika Politika:

I will state the obvious: Contraception is about contraception, not my medical affliction. We’ve established that contraception is insufficient in addressing medical problems anyway and rather causes more medical problems, but even if it the pill did appropriately treat my medical condition, most women want contraception for contraception. If I were forced to use it for medical treatment, I would also be forced to use it also as contraception against my will because that is what it does. As someone who hopped from doctor to doctor in college with no insurance and a limited income, I can assure you that oral contraception is really easy to get.  Real medical care? Not so much. It took significant time and money to address my health problem but and yet I did. It would take no such effort to get an oral contraceptive, especially with a medical indication.

This issue over who funds what in the States is being made into a woman’s health issue, but as is so often the case, that’s the political spin, not the reality.

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