Give it up for Johnny Reid

I was driving this morning and CBC had an interview with one Johnny Reid. He said he likes to keep his music simple because the world is complicated. He said he likes to be optimistic, to draw people toward the light. He added life always has dark moments but those only help to understand the light, the happy moments. He described how he came to Canada as a 15-year-old from Scotland, with a funny accent and few friends, and his guitar became his friend; he could tell his guitar things he couldn’t tell others. He said his talent is music, but told the host she is able to keep people company when they are driving or alone; his father had the talent of being a mechanic and was able to keep things running; his mom had the gift of seeing the bright side of life…He hopes everyone finds the thing they are really good at, so they can do it, and make this world a better place.

I probably am not doing justice to the words of this lovely man, but I agreed with everything he said. If I can find the interview, I’ll link to it, for now, here’s one of his songs.  I may buy his music just because of that one interview. That’s the kind of impact it left on me. If I may add, I think the CBC host was inspired by him too–there was a bit of a pause after he stopped speaking and she simply said, “Thank you for coming in today.”

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