My quote of the day

Tomorrow I fly home from my Holocaust course at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. I’m feeling just a little bit melancholy as this was a meaningful time filled with learning of all kinds. Tomorrow I return to “real life”. (Before I left I posted a photo of tulips; now I hear snow is in store. Sigh.)

Anyway, humour me just before I return to the ins and outs of Canadian life/social policy/work etc. etc. etc. A quote from my course when we examined the resistance to the Nazis:

I would call it a ‘positivistic approach to life’…a kind of belief that under any circumstances you are a human being and it is up to you to react as a human being. They can break your body; they can’t break your spirit without your cooperation. This is what we used to tell them. After all, the logical way to fight death is to live, isn’t it?”

-Joza Karas

There’s something meaningful there for me. Perhaps for you too.

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