My quote of the day

Tomorrow I fly home from my Holocaust course at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. I’m feeling just a little bit melancholy as this was a meaningful time filled with learning of all kinds. Tomorrow I return to “real life”. (Before I left I posted a photo of tulips; now I hear snow is in store. Sigh.)

Anyway, humour me just before I return to the ins and outs of Canadian life/social policy/work etc. etc. etc. A quote from my course when we examined the resistance to the Nazis:

I would call it a ‘positivistic approach to life’…a kind of belief that under any circumstances you are a human being and it is up to you to react as a human being. They can break your body; they can’t break your spirit without your cooperation. This is what we used to tell them. After all, the logical way to fight death is to live, isn’t it?”

Joza Karas

There’s something meaningful there for me. Perhaps for you too.

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