Billions more for global contraceptives

Now THIS is a novel idea.  Melinda Gates has revealed in an exclusive interview with Newsweek that

she has decided to make family planning her signature issue … “My goal is to get this back on the global agenda,” she says.

I didn’t realize that it had gone off the “agenda.”  In fact, the Gates Foundation and the UN Population Fund have been pouring billions into contraception for decades.  And women around the world get to pump liquid contraceptives into their veins because of it.  (The preferred method in poorer nations is Depo Provera. Never mind the health consequences and the fact that we would not offer such forms of population control en mass to wealthy women in the developed world.)

Oh, and all of this comes from her “Catholic Faith.”

Perhaps more importantly, there’s her Catholic faith, which has always informed her work…. she went through a lot of soul-searching before she was ready to champion the issue publicly. “I had to wrestle with which pieces of religion do I use and believe in my life, what would I counsel my daughters to do,” she says. Defying church teachings was difficult, she adds, but also came to seem morally necessary.

I suppose being a ‘cafeteria Catholic’ must be hard.

I find this whole issue incredibly sad and misguided.  Instead of teaching women how to respect their natural fertility cycles (something that Mother Teresa did in the streets of Calcutta with remarkable success), or even focusing on providing these women with hospitals where they can receive pre- and post-natal care, she is towing the old population control line.

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