How to bully a fetus

When MP Maurice Vellacott made a claim that abortion was the worst sort of bullying, I thought it was very silly. But then many members of the media picked up on it, and I thought, wow, the only thing sillier than that proposition are members of the media! Hats off to Mr. Vellacott for playing them like a cheap fiddle.

Now we have comedians on the pro-abortion side writing up satire to make fun of the whole thing. It is generally acknowledged far and wide that I have the ability to laugh. Loud and hard. And often. But with this attempt at humour, I don’t laugh. And it’s not because I don’t share their views. I don’t share Stephen Colbert’s views but he is just too funny not to laugh. No, I don’t laugh when I read this because… it’s not terribly funny. To me, it is lame satire.

That said, a friendly pro-life reader sent this to me and she said she laughed. So. To each his own, I say. Except where killing innocents is involved, at which point, I draw the line.

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