Why are so many pro-choice blogs anonymous?

Every single person affiliated with this site has their real name and real picture up. The point being that whether you love or hate our views on abortion, you know we are real people. We want to tell the world that being pro-life is a perfectly reasonable stand for a strong woman to take, so we show you our real lives (to a degree, since I also believe in privacy).

I understand why anonymity is desirable in the abortion debate. You might lose your job. There are security issues. I have been to the police station in Ottawa to report highly disturbing emails sent to my site, for example. Overall, however, if you have chosen to be activist on this issue, you probably, like me, feel you have little to lose by going public. If an employer doesn’t want me because of my pro-life views, would I want to work there? Probably not.

I find many of the pro-choice blogs I follow from time to time do not follow the same ethos. These are people like Pedgehog working in a clinic (fuzzy photo, bare bones bio and I’m assuming she wasn’t christened “Pedgehog”) or ardent defenders of abortion like Fern Hill (clear photo–of a gorgeous German Shepherd, who I am assuming doesn’t do the typing).

Here we have another highly politicized abortion defence that remains unconvincing precisely because of the anonymity.

There are reasons to be anonymous when blogging about abortion. And I have not quantified the number of pro-life anonymous blogs versus pro-choice anonymous blogs. In my experience, however, the pro-life blogs are not (mostly) anonymous and the pro-choice ones (mostly) are. I wonder why, since very often the voices at the pro-choice blogs are testifying to the normalcy and neutrality of abortion.

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