August 24, 2008  

Karol, on It's not every day...:

I somehow like the idea of Dion thightening the noose around Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin’s neck. Considering controversy surrounding nomination of Dr. Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada and considering the fact that Chief Justice is already back pedalling on this issue, Dion’s call on Harper to state his position on abortion is nothing short of Dion shooting himself in a foot.

Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean are currently the two highest ranking Liberals on government payroll. Both are mired in Morgentaler controvery, so why is Dion so stupid and why he is pushing on abortion button is beyond me.

If you want to know “How Old Boys’ Errand Girls took “decisive action” on abortion file in Canada” please visit this site:




Suzanne A., on One woman's necessity is another woman's luxury:

I sometimes wonder if people read what they write, as in the comment in the article - “Women want full lives and that’s almost impossible to achieve with a house full of kids.” I have a house full of kids and I have a very full life. What is the definition of a “full life”? I have interesting people of varying ages and sizes with whom to share my days, endless opportunities for personal character development - ask any mom about that one, meal-time discussions about everything under the sun, the satisfaction of feeding hungry people and time for friends and family. I could probably write for a very long time of the richness of having children.

I have sympathy for women who have not been able to have children, and I can’t imagine the heartache that must be. However, I am sad in a different way for those who choose not to enrich their lives with children. Some day all those toys that were seen to be necessities will be in a dump somewhere and the expensive outings and trips will be a distant memory; our kids, however, are a lasting legacy and no one can put a price on that.




Blazingcatfur, on Calling all journalists:

Interesting - send this to Dr. Roy.




Frank Ruffolo, on Calling all journalists:

There is a huge story against the entire culture of death agenda and how it has been implimented in various stages over the past 30-40 in many facets of government and the judiciary that are now beginning to affect the rights and freedoms of Canadians to freely and rightfully express themselves publicly on issues of national importance without being financially punished for doing so.

Strangely enough the Charter of Rights of all things right or should I really say not right with Canada holds the key to a lot of what’s happening today and how it was allowed to happen and literally change the course of Canadian history over a period of about 25 years since its crafting by those three kitchen amigos that went on to much higher office within the next ten years or so of its inception.

In the case you point out in this blog the Dean of Faculty of Law no less of the country’s preeimnent law school gives the welcoming speech at the a Morgentaler conference.

Then of course a few years ago the President of the University of Western Ontario allowed Morgentaler to receive an Honourary Doctor of Law Degree at his University at the annual commencement ceremonies causing a massive protest with close to 20,000 people and former Western students signing an online petition started by former Western graduates to rescind Western granting that honourary degree.

To top it all off as if to make an exclamation point Morgentaler is awarded the Order of Canada this year, Canada’s highest civilian honour supported I would imagine in large part by the very same crowd that were great supporters of that Charter of Rights.

Perhaps we really need to hire the services of Woodward and Burnsteen of Watergate fame to get to the bottom with their legendary investigative journalism abilities which never hurt anyone but former U.S. President Nixon and company.

Just think it would make for a really great movie and we could use 100 percent Canadian talent to make this film.




Elizabeth, on Curtailing freedom of conscience for doctors in Ontario:

Perhaps this will help with our doctor shortage on PEI - no abortions or pre-natal sex or disability testing occurs here!




Frank Ruffolo, on Sorry-no can do-above my pay grade:

An evasive answer to a very deadly invasive procedure that always terminates the life of an unborn baby child is not the decisive answer that should be required for anyone seeking to become the President of the United States of America and the Leader of the Free World.

To put it into Mr. Obama’s own words, “answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade” shows that he already doesn’t have the marks required to pass his presidential examination in November.




Hoarfrost, on Not very impressive, no matter where you look:

Regardless, her proclivities are apparent and abhorrent.




Frank Ruffolo, on Not very impressive, no matter where you look:

With all due respect to rumours and rumours of rumours there needs to be sweeping changes in many facets of the Canadian government and how the judiciary at the highest levels of this country are appointed if this nation is really serious about continuing to call itself a democracy.

Where there is a political will there will be a political answer and way to right the current mess and malaise this country is currently in. Right now I personally don’t see that political will among either one of the mainstream traditional political parties of this nation to do what really needs to be done to right the ship of state at both the federal and provincial levels of government.

Perhaps it’s high time Canadians really start looking outide the traditional box when it comes to election time at all levels of government right across this vast nation. The traditional political parties and systems has really failed Canada in recent years. Far too many left of centre very liberal progressive governments at both the federal and provincial levels for most of the 20th Century has all but ensured that this ideology is pervasive among the many government and judiciary bodies of the nation.

Perhaps the federal and provincial governments of this nation need to seriously start looking to review the judiciary and the whole concept and idea of supreme court judges of both Canada and the provinces to run for office for a set term of time. This entire idea of what amounts to judges for life appointed by the political leaders and governments of the day is failing Canada and Canadians. This way the people of this nation will know exactly where their federal and provincial supreme court judges stand and are coming from on issues of vast importance to the future well being of this nation.

There’s and old saying, “If ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Right now Canada is very broke and seriously needs to be fixed.

What Canadians are really looking for from their political leaders and governments is leadership, leadership, leadership now not one hundred years from now!




Frank Ruffolo, on Curtailing freedom of conscience for doctors in Ontario:

These human rights commissions have become nothing more than the new thought police trying to control what people say and think infringing on areas and jurisdictions like the medical field that they have absolutely no expertise in at all.

Your use of the word ominous is very accurate and astute. For whatever reason the powers that be in Ontario and Canada seem to want to go down this road even though it’s become quite clear and evident to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear that our very freedoms and the entire concept of democracy and what constitutes a democracy are under attack and eroding with every passing day with no end in sight for now.

Canadians no longer need to read George Orwell’s 1984 because quite clearly Orwell’s prophecies and scenarios from that classic book are alive and well in Canada in 2008. Canada welcome to a brave new world a la Orwell 1984 in 2008. Who said the future is not ours to see?




Frank Ruffolo, on More on the APA report:

Andrea nothing surprises me nor should it surprise any of us who are pro life across Canada and the entire North American Contintent.

The simple honest truth for the APA and other organizations that support abortion to borrow a famous recent movie line is, “They can’t handle the truth.” Thus they draw their conclusions from only one report. Yes, woman right across Canada and the United States should really start thinking very seriously about that.


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